Guidelines for thePrevention of Intravascular Catheter-related Infections


These guidelines have been developed for healthcare personnel who insert intravascular catheters and for persons responsible for surveillance and control of infections in hospital, outpatient, and home healthcare settings.


This report was prepared by a working group comprising members from professional organizations representing the disciplines of critical care medicine, infectious diseases, healthcare infection control, surgery, anesthesiology, interventional radiology, pulmonary

medicine, pediatric medicine, and nursing.

Summary of Recommendations
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  • Education, Training and Staffing
  • Selection of Catheters and Sites
  • Skin Preparation
  • Hand Hygiene and Aseptic Technique
  • Catheter Site Dressing Regimens
  • Replacement of Peripheral and Midline Catheters
  • Replacement of CVCs, Including PICCs and Hemodialysis Catheters
  • Antimicrobial/Antiseptic Impregnated Catheters and Cuffs


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