Orthoses for fixation


Bandage and non-bandage types of orthoses are used for the fixation of body parts.

Bandage type orthoses are made of neoprene. They can be in the shape of a sleeve, reinforced with 127 plastic or metal splints, blocking bending or not blocking bending.




Some types have adjustable setting of the bending.


Non-bandage orthoses are made of plastic. They are divided into fixation (immobilizing) andredressing (remedial) groups.


Fixation orthoses are used in bone and joint injuries; neckorthoses have a shape of the collar (height adjustable).


Desault’s bandage is attached in broken collarbone and shoulder joint injuries.


Redressing orthoses are used in orthopaedic defects (toe, leg out of position) and in contractions (shortening of tendons). Orthoses that are attached to the torso are designed to support and stabilize the spine, or as an after-treatment of spinal fractures, as relief for osteoporosis, and in the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis.

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