Constipation is a difficult bowel movement of a small quantity of dry, hard stool. The most common is habitual addictive constipation, resulting from violation of the discharge reflex due to bad eating habits, reduced intake of fluids and fibre, repeated suppression of the urge to defecate, reduced physical activity etc.




Constipation is manifested by a reduced frequency of defecation, or by evacuation of hard, dry stools, by strenuous, painful defecation, abdominal

pain, pressure, feeling of fullness, headache. Constipation can be of an acute or chronic nature.


The cause of acute constipation may be organic, such as paralytic ileus, obstruction. In the case of habitual constipation, it is necessary to adjust diet and fluid intake etc.


Laxatives (drugs stimulating bowel movement) should be used for a limited time as overuse can damage the intestinal wall, and possibly change the intestines.

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