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Pressure ulcers: prevention and


Pressure ulcers are caused when an area of skin and the tissues below are damaged as a result of being placed under pressure sufficient to impair its blood supply.


Typically they occur in a person confined to bed or a chair by an illness and as a result they are sometimes referred to as 'bedsores', or 'pressure sores'.

Adults: risk assessment

  • Carry out and document an assessment of pressure ulcer risk for adults:
    • being admitted to secondary care or care homes in which NHS care is provided or
  • receiving NHS care in other settings (such as primary and community care and emergency departments) if they have a risk factor, for example:
    • significantly limited mobility (for example, people with a spinal cord injury)
    • significant loss of sensation
    • a previous or current pressure ulcer
    • nutritional deficiency
    • the inability to reposition themselves
    • significant cognitive impairment.

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