The Lobes look after everyday activity and functioning


Occipital Lobes deal with visual information such as colour, shape and movement. 

Parietal Lobes process information about space and size. Damage in this area of the brain can cause difficulty in understanding left from right, using numbers, reading and writing, and locating a cup on a table.

It can cause disorientation and difficulty finding your way around. Clear signage will help.


The Sensory Cortex is responsible for sensations such as warmth or touch.


People will often respond to gentle touch when they no longer respond to their name.


The Motor Cortex area of the frontal lobes is important for movements such as smiling, clapping and singing.

Frontal Lobes  are sometimes called the ‘executive’ or ‘management centre’ of the brain. Problem solving and decision making are all important functions. They help us to follow procedures such as making a cup of tea. It is also important for attention, interest and motivation.


One of the most important functions of the frontal lobe is to regulate and control our behaviour.


Temporal Lobes are used for processing and storing memories and language. When this part of the brain becomes damaged, the person can have difficulty forming new memories and recalling words.

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