Making a bed

or Cot


Making a bed/cot provides a clean and comfortable environment for the client as well as reducing the risk of cross-infection. It should be performed based on the individual’s needs and preferences.



Clean linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets/duvet cover, counterpane) and a linen skip are required.

LINEN = Biancheria / Lenzuola



  • Plan the timing of this activity 
    • (For speed and efficacy, two staff should perform this activity, if possible)
  • Wear apron, wash hands - ( indossare il grembiule/ lavare mani )
  • Prepare the environment around the bed/cot
  • Ensure bed brakes are on
  • Raise bed to an appropriate height ( alzare il letto alla tua altezza )
  • Keep clean and dirty linen separate
  • Strip bed onto bed stripper and/or chair at the base of the bed/cot with minimal movement of bedclothes, removing each item separately
  • Fold soiled linen inwards. Hold away from apron and place immediately in linen skip. Do not drop bedding on the floor
  • Check the mattress for wear and tear and replace if necessary

  • If soiled, clean with soap and water
  • Place bottom sheet on the mattress. Open out the sheet ensuring equal amounts of material at top, bottom and sides to tuck in
  • Ensuring sheet is flat, smooth and crease-free, make a small pleat at the foot end prior to tucking in
  • Tuck in at the base of the bed/cot, leaving sheet open at the top
  • Add blanket/counterpane/duvet in the same manner, according to client needs/wishes
  • Once complete, fold top sheet over blanket/counterpane/duvet
  • Change pillowcases as required and arrange to suit client needs/wishes
  • Lower bed to suitable height for client/child and ensure bed brakes are on
  • Replace equipment including call button within client’s reach
  • Remove linen skip/equipment and leave area clean and tidy
  • Remove apron and wash hands