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ABC of colorectal diseases. Intestinal stomas.
PMC1882377: The presence of a stoma is enough of a burden for a patient, and the burden is increased enormously if the stoma is badly sited or badly
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Technical Tips for Stoma Creation in the Challenging Patient
PMC2780186 : Stoma creation is a mental and technical exercise, often straightforward without any difficulty. However, creation of a protruding, tension free, well-vascularized stoma in an obese individual with a thick abdominal wall and short, thickened mesentery can be a substantial challenge.
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Colostomy closure: how to avoid complications
PMC2962784 : Colostomy is an operation frequently performed in pediatric surgery. Despite its benefits, it can produce significant morbidity. In a previous publication we presented our experience with the errors and complications that occurred during cases of colostomy creation.
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Abdominal Wall Modification for the Difficult Ostomy
PMC2780185 : Among the various stoma complications, the parastomal hernia (PSH) is the most common. Prevention of PSH
is very important to improve the quality of life and to prevent further serious complications. The aim of this study was to analyze the incidence and the risk factors of PSH.
Abdominal Wall Modification for the Diff
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Changes in Body Mass Index and Stoma Related Problems in the Elderly
PMC3564631 : Weight gain can cause retraction of an intestinal stoma, possibly resulting in difficulty with wafer and pouch fit, daily care challenges, and discomfort. This cross-sectional study examined the association between body mass index (BMI) and ostomy-related problems among long-term
Le variazioni di indice di massa corpore
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The Role of Diverting Stoma
PMC3659245 : A diverting stoma is known to reduce the consequences of distal anastomotic failure following colorectal surgery. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a diverting stoma after an ultra-low anterior resection (uLAR) for rectal cancer.
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Peristomal Skin Complications
PMC3359986 : PSCs are common and troublesome and the consequences are substantial, both for the patient and from a health economic viewpoint. PSCs should be diagnosed and treated at an early stage to prevent long term, debilitating and expensive complications.
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Incidence and Risk Factors of Parastomal Hernia
PMC3499424 : Among the various stoma complications, the parastomal hernia (PSH) is the most common. Prevention of PSH is very important to improve the quality of life and to prevent further serious complications. The aim of this study was to analyze the incidence and the risk factors of PSH.
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Current management of fecal incontinence
PMC3882396: The severity of fecal incontinence widely varies and can have dramatic devastating impacts on a person’s life. Fecal incontinence is common, though it is often under-reported by patients. In addition to standard treatment options, new treatments have been developed during the past decade to attempt to effectively treat fecal incontinence with minimal morbidity
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Tasso di perdita anastomosi e il risultato per via laparoscopica intra-corporea
PMC2883824: English document inside
A prospective clinical audit of all patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery with the intention of primary colonic left-sided intracorporeal stapled anastomosis to identify the rate of anastomotic leaks on an intention to treat basis with or without defunctioning stoma.
Anastomotic leak rate and outcome for la
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Laparoscopic colorectal surgery: learning curve and training implications
PMC1743324 : This paper is a review of experience of laparoscopic colorectal surgery at a district general hospital with particular emphasis on the learning curve and training implications.
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Primary colon resection or Hartmann's procedure in malignant left-sided large bowel obstruction?
PMC3600563 : There is still significant debate regarding the best surgical treatment for malignant left-sided large bowel obstruction.
Primary resection and anastomosis offers the advantages of a definite procedure without need for further surgery.
Primary colon resection or Hartmanns pro
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The Specialty of Colon and Rectal Surgery: Its Impact on Patient Care and Role in Academic Medicine
PMC2582698 : The specialty of colon and rectal surgery, a specialty of general surgery, has evolved from the field of proctology. Clinical care has demonstrated decreased number of patients requiring intestinal stomas, improved quality of life in patients with benign anorectal disorders, and more favorable results in patients afflicted with primary and recurrent colorectal cancer
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